Foodstuffs in Egypt   272
Chickpeas Flour
up to $ 575 /t wholesale
Русская Торговая Организация, LLC, RU Alexandria, EG
Russian Grain state company Russian Trade Organization announces the start of production of chickpea flour with a April 2018 according to Russian standard on terms CIF ports of Egypt the following
Sunflower oil factory refined and unrefined bottle
from $ 0.70 /l wholesale
Zavod oil, FE, RU Alexandria, EG
Sunflower oil factory refined and unrefined Factory is in the Krasnodar Territory, carriage delivery across the Russian Federation and the CIS will be by railway DAP, flexi tank FOB Novorossiysk 1-5
$ 870 /t FCA
Milk Galaxy, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Milk Galaxy Chernigov region implements a spread for export. Spread sweet and sour - consists of a mixture of vegetable and dairy fats. Spread has many advantages, namely the plasticity of the
Price not specified
Prais, LLC, UA Alexandria, EG
Sunflower oil refined in a 1-liter plastic bottle, 5-liter plastic jar. Sunflower oil 1-grade unrefined (pressed). All products are certified. From the Ukrainian manufacturer.
Price not specified
ЧП, SP, PL Cairo, EG
Good apples from Poland. Stored in refrigerators. Gassed. Without hail. Large assortment: golden, mutsu, champion, ligol, gloster, idared, ionagold, ionagored, gala, empire. Only export. Viber,
لحم الثور و البقرة من أوكرانيا
Price not specified
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY Cairo, EG
أيها السادة! شركتنا متخصصة في تصدير شحنات من المنتجات الحلال في أوكرانيا-لحوم الدواجن ولحوم البقر ومنتجات المعالجة (من خلال المنتجات الحساء). ونحن نقدم المنتجات التالية: نصف الذبيحة لحوم البقر
  6,627.50 /t EXW
СПТ Сервис, LLC, RU Cairo, EG
There are now 2 types of chickpeas available: red and white Details on the conditions, technical parameters and price check with the Manager by phone or in correspondence
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga»
  53,661 /t EXW   
up to   53,661 /t wholesale
IDS - Intrepid Dorich service, LLC, UZ Cairo, EG
Fruit, berry taste sugar «Raduga» Our company «Intrepid Dorich service» offer you Universal & unique product In 3 times sweeter than regular sugar and with improved taste of fruits and berries the
Price not specified
Золотой барс, LLC, BY Cairo, EG
We sell soybeans, for human consumption, GMOs and non-GMOs. Quality parameters: Without GMO: Country of origin: India, Brazil. Protein: min. 38% Humidity: max. 13.5% Oil content: min.
Price not specified
Mykko, FE, UA Cairo, EG
Our company produces true Dutch cheese Gouda made of cow and goat milk, as well as elite cheese with whiskey, truffels, nuts and fenugreek.
We offer the frozen chicken carcasses on an export.
$ 750 /t
Апрель плюс, PE, UA Cairo, EG
Our enterprise offers the frozen carcass of hen on an export. Libra of carcass (1,0 -1,2 kg). In one box there are 10 kg Price is indicated on storage (FCA). The certificate of HALAL is given if
Price not specified
Prais, LLC, UA Alexandria, EG
Chicken (any part of the chicken). From the Ukrainian manufacturer. Export.
سوم 1.5% روسيا البيضاء
Price not specified
ЯОН плюс, LLC, BY Cairo, EG
نحن نقدم مسحوق الحليب منزوع الدسم 1.5 ٪ من الدهون, البروتين 34%.25 كيلوغرام.الشركة المصنعة Babushkina Krynka.سعر 3.15 + ضريبة القيمة المضافة.حجم كبير.
We sell packaged, frozen chicken carcass for export.
$ 1,050 /t FCA
Апрель плюс, PE, UA Cairo, EG
Our company sells packaged in individual packaging, frozen chicken carcasses, carcass weight from 0.9 kg to 1.20 kg. The price is in stock manufacturer / seller (FCA). If necessary, a HALAL
Price not specified
Prais, LLC, UA Alexandria, EG
Wheat flour, a new crop. All varieties are available. Basis FOB Odessa. Export.
We sell frozen chicken wing for export.
$ 1,200 /t FCA
Апрель плюс, PE, UA Cairo, EG
Our company sells frozen chicken wings for export. In one gofroyashchik is 15 kg. The weight of one wing is 65-75 gr. The price is indicated on the warehouse of the seller-manufacturer (FCA). If
We sell frozen hamburger patties for export.
$ 2,850 /t FCA
Апрель плюс, PE, UA Cairo, EG
Our company produces and sells frozen hamburger patties, beef and chicken. Products are made from 100% natural raw meat, without the use of MMOs. If necessary, a certificate of HALAL. d = 125
Wholesale beans produced in Kyrgyzstan
from $ 0.64 /kg wholesale
Fasol, LLC, RU Cairo, EG
I will sell wholesale beans of production Kyrgyzstan. Mechanical processing on new equipment with a production capacity of 900 tons per month. We ship for export from Kyrgyzstan from 20 tons.
Сurd product
Price not specified
Our company sells the curd product. Fat content 10%, packing 10 kg (cardboard box). Wholesale supply.
Sunflower oil
Price not specified
Армада К, LLC, UA Alexandria, EG
Selling sunflower oil from Ukraine. We offer direct supplies of quality sunflower oil, refined and not refined, in pet bottles and in bulk (flexitank). from 1000 tons / month. terms of payment: "bg",
Turkey turkey meat
$ 2.66-2.70 /kg wholesale
Погулич Ю.В., SP, UA Cairo, EG
Export of frozen and chilled turkey and turkey carcasses. Highest quality, all products are certified, the full package of documents. Export from Ukraine to any country in the world. ‎ Olena
I will sell the unprocessed sunflower oil 1 grade
from $ 650 /t wholesale
СанАгро, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Shipment from 22 tons of flexi tanks.
Wheat flour low price
$ 280-295 /t wholesale
Fenil, LLC, IL Cairo, EG
We offer shipment Russian healthy wheat flour with very competitive price
$ 260-320 /t wholesale
Ромашка, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
The company sells cane sugar icumsa 45 Delivery to any safe port in the world. Annual contract. Price: 12,500 MT per month 320/MT 25,000 MT per month 315/MT 50,000 MT per month 310/MT 75,000 MT per
$ 240-250 /t wholesale
Fenil, LLC, IL Cairo, EG
High Gluten, healthy and cheaper than common wheat flour
Beef, Cow, Veal / Halal
$ 2.60 /kg FCA   
$ 2.60-3.70 /kg wholesale
We are slaughterhouse located in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine. And we are glad to offer the beef of Ukrainian cattle for export to Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and CIS countries. Terms of delivery
Big Variety of Sausages
$ 2 /Vacuum Pack EXW   
$ 1.40-4 /Vacuum Pack wholesale
Premier Food, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Premium Sausages from manufacturer. Big variety of product: Beef/ Chicken/ Pork, different recipes, sizes & packing available. Looking for distributors and importers worldwide. HACCP & ISO
Medium grain elite rice, Camolino
Price not specified
Fenil, LLC, IL Cairo, EG
Dear sales manager! We are seeking the Customer for regular shipping Russian medium grain high grade rice: rice, 10% 2. Osman, 4% 3. Baldo, 4% 4. Broken 100% 5. Camolino offered quality.
Milk Shake Premialle
$ 0.50 /tetra pack EXW   
$ 0.42-0.50 /tetra pack wholesale
Premier Food, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Premialle Milk Shake is delicious classics dairy cocktail, made from natural selected milk. Unique product that has very simple way to prepare: 1. Open a package with the milk mixture; 2. Mix up the
$ 2.70 /kg EXW   
$ 2.70-8.40 /kg wholesale
Premier Food, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Frozen/ Chilled Beef Meat from Ukraine Different cutting. ISO/ HACCP/ HALAL certified. Price list upon request.
Greenfield Incorporation sells Sunflower Seed Oil
$ 850-870 /t wholesale
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR Cairo, EG
Sunflower oil is used for directly human consumption, food production and industrial processing. We can supply you the best crude and refined sunflower seed oil of the highest grade. Sunflower oil
Greenfield Incorporation sells Wheat Flour
$ 180-187 /t wholesale
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR Cairo, EG
Flour produced from soft wheat, is highly nutritious, rich in protein, vitamins and easy to digest. Our modern production enables to produce high quality products, extra, first and second
Greenfield Incorporation sells Corn Oil
$ 900-920 /t wholesale
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR Cairo, EG
Corn oil is used in food industry - for domestic use and for food products which are producing by enterprises. Packaged in PET bottles or in bulk. Corn oil is transported by any kind of transport in
$ 840-845 /t wholesale
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR Cairo, EG
Natural soybean oil obtained without the use of organic solvents is rich in vitamins, phospholipids and other beneficial substances. The oil contains about 60% of natural antioxidants of the total
Greenfield Incorporation sells Milk Powder
$ 1,200-1,300 /t wholesale
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR Cairo, EG
Powdered milk is popular dairy product. Modern technologies used for the production for full cream milk powder or skim milk powder, permitted preserving all the valuable properties of the natural
Price not specified
Кловер Груп, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
We sell for export sunflower oil refined and unrefined, origin Ukraine. The minimum batch is 2000 MT / month. Annual contract. Payment is a letter of credit. It is possible to pack PET bottles - 1
Дыня Египет
  10 /t   
  5 /pc wholesale
Lotus, LLC, Cairo
Мы компания «лотос » производитель и экспортёр свежих египетских овощей и фруктов. Наша продукция проходит строгий контроль качества на всех этапах, начиная с выращивания, заканчивая упаковкой и
Продам оптом грецкие орехи
$ 1.25 /kg FCA   
$ 1.25-1.40 /kg wholesale
Олимп, LLC, UA Cairo, EG
Продам оптом орех грецкий (Nuts) с Украины. Калибр 28+, 30+. Вода 8-9%, мытый, калиброванный. Организуем доставку, продажа от польской фирмы. В течение года продаем примерно 1000 тонн.
Яйцо ( Халяль )
$ 24-27 /коробка 360 яиц wholesale
Вегатэк, LLC, RU Cairo, EG
Наше предприятие производит и реализует на экспорт качественное куринное яйцо разных сортов СО, С1, С2 вся продукция имеет сертификаты халяль. Отправки производятся контейнерами. Минимальная партия
Пихтовое масло
Price not specified
Иванов, LLC, RU Cairo, EG
Dear Sirs, we offer fir oil. The oil is clean and without any additives. Fir grows mainly in the forests of Eastern Siberia, there are enterprises for the extraction of fir oil. Fir oil can safely be