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feed barley в Египте

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207 $/т FOB
ЮК-Трейд, ООО, UA +1 объявление
Barley corn animal feed From 207$ FOB Payment:Т/Т 20/80, 30/70; LC +$ Price on request . Price depends on volume. SGS sertification Please sent...
Wheat, пшеница 3-4 класса, зерновые культуры
180 $/т DAP
Баркинхоева А., ИП, KZ
The Kazakhstan company Bastau LLP offers to sell 3-4 class wheat, barley and other cereals, with high quality indicators. Directly from farmers,...
PM-250. Cherry pitting (destoning) machine (200–300 kg/h)
5 890 $/шт
Сталатс, ООО, RU
Cherry pitting (destoning) machine PM-250 (200 – 300 kg/h) is designed to removing kernels out of fresh berries of cherry. We are excited to...
Продам верблюдов самцов; Camel (male) for sale
3 350 €/шт
Кириченко С.В., ИП, RU
Калмыцкий Бактриан (Самец-Производитель) Возраст: от 3-х лет Высота в горбах: от 2 метров 15 см Вес: от 600 кг Цена: от 250 000 рублей (в...
Цена по запросу
Лучко А.Ю., ФЛП, UA
Подсолнечник (небольшая калиброванная очистка). Код HS 1206 00 9900. Стандарт качества:: SSU (государственный стандарт Украины) 7011: 2009....
Yellow corn from Ukraine
Оптовая цена
170 - 180 $/т FOB
ЮК-Трейд, ООО, UA +1 объявление
Yellow corn animal feed and 2 grade Corn for animal feed 170-180$ Payment:Т/Т 20/80, 30/70; LC +$ Price on request . Price depends on volume. SGS...
Оптовая цена
260 - 270 $/т
Fenil, LLC, IL +1 объявление
We offer shipment Russian feed barley test weight 640, protein 9.0%
Barley CIF Egypt
Оптовая цена
до 230 $/т CIF
Русская Торговая Организация, ООО, RU
Russian Grain company Russian Trade Organization offers barley in the port of Alexandria, Egypt with the following characteristics: Indicators of...
Feed additive. Sunflower Fatty Acids
Цена по запросу
"Vitanol-Omega" is a feed additive with a high content of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary to maintain the normal physiological...
Цена по запросу
Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
Цена по запросу
Кловер Груп, ООО, UA
We sell cereal crops: wheat, corn, barley, millet, wheat, soybeans (soy), sunflower. There is also flour, oil, and other agricultural...
Corn for animal feed, protein 8 %
Оптовая цена
до 256 $/т CIF
Specification: Seed Moisture 14.0% Test Weight 67 KG/HLMin Broken Corn & Foreign Material 4% Max Damaged Kernels – Heat Damage Aflatoxin (B1,...
Оптовая цена
240 - 250 $/т
Fenil, LLC, IL +1 объявление
High Gluten, healthy and cheaper than common wheat flour
Greenfield Incorporation sells Soybean Meal
Оптовая цена
270 - 280 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +2 объявления
Soybean meal is a kind of high-protein meal. It is obtained during the production of oil from soybean seeds. Soybean meal is the basis for various...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Chickpea
Оптовая цена
1 000 - 1 050 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +2 объявления
Chickpeas seeds are used in the food industry and for feed purposes. Chickpea is a very popular food in the kitchen of many nations. High quality...
Wheat Bran
Оптовая цена
150 - 160 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +2 объявления
Wheat bran is made up of unsorted and shell flour wheat grains. Range of these products is represented feed bran and bran for food industry. Bran...
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