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Rawmax, LLC

Профиль компании
Представитель компании
Saleh Abdallahsales manager
Адрес компании
3 nasr city cairo egypt
3 nasr city cairo egypt
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Деятельность компании

Our company is an Egyptian service-oriented export trading and supply chain management company.
Our products are Silica sand and Quartz .
We aim to long-term and profitability on win-win directions by Cultivating additional sales/revenue to our trading commodities/Manufacturing by entering foreign markets and co-operate with our counterparts in all world regions. Provide research and market development overseas at little or no cost. Proceed through risk free transaction, cooperating with partners to have mutual benefits on win-win directions by ensuring export Compliance, proper export Documentation and full service Logistics. Provide one stop shop to overseas traders/importers through a diversified list of products.
we would like to offer you our high quality products with best prices .

Компания образована в 2008 году, численность 32 чел.
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