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BS-Nordic Construction Real Estate, SP

Профиль компании
Представитель компании
Bsnordic Construction Realestatemarketing Manager
Адрес компании
Hurghada, El Kawthar area, building 219, office 1
Hurghada, El Kawthar area, building 219, office 1
Регистрация: 15 июня 2019
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Деятельность компании

Buying real estate in Egypt and starting life in a new country is a serious and often difficult step for everyone. New environment, new mentality, the absence of familiar places and traditions. In order to help pass this stage of habituation, we are ready to help you with immersion in a new life to the maximum!
BS-Nordic company takes care of the selection, purchase and registration of real estate in Hurghada. Including legal support. In addition, we provide services for the delivery of the property for rent. This will be especially convenient for those who want to first live a few months in the country, and then decide to move.
We guarantee confidentiality to all our customers. As well as a simple, fast and organized process of purchasing housing. Specialists of our company are always ready to select real estate for you on the Red Sea: Hurghada, El Gouna, Sahl Hasheesh.

Компания образована в 2014 году.

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The View for rent! Apartment (133)
1 500 фунт.eg/день
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
Luxury apartment for daily rent in The View! Interested to swim in the pool and enjoying the beautiful beach? - This offer is waiting for you...
Chalet for rent in Hurghada!(132)
1 400 фунт.eg/день
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
Did you ever thought that you can spend nice holiday a front of the sea? Just imagine.. the little breeze , sunset and sunrise a front of you!...
Sahl Hasheesh Big Apartment!(138)
250 000 $/шт
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
If you have always wanted to live a luxury life in Sahl Hasheesh , then this offer is just right for you! Unique opportunity to buy a piece of red...
Lovely apartment in British Resort FOR SALE (136)
1 100 000 фунт.eg/шт
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
In one of the most famous compound in Hurghada 93 m2 5 floor with all furniture and equipment pool view, 3 conditions, Bathroom, kitchen, water...
Kawser apartments for sale near Metro !(134)
5 800 фунт.eg/м
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
Apartments in new building for SALE! The building located in good and comfy Kawsar area near Metro market. Building have Green contract +...
Blue Diamond apartments for sale!(135)
330 000 фунт.eg/шт
BS-Nordic Construction Real..., SP, Хургада
We are offering flats for sell in Blue Diamond compound with swimming pool. - Located in Kawsar , near SindBad hotel. Directly after the Bowling...
Все объявления: 19
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