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Land Spices, LLC

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Head Office: 63611 Ibshway, El Galaa St, Fayoum / Egypt.
Head Office: 63611 Ibshway, El Galaa St, Fayoum / Egypt.
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Деятельность компании

Our Company Land Spices for Export and Import Introduce its products from Spices & Herbs and seeds, we are specializing in exporting all these products to all the world, we have our clients in USA, Canada,
Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Argentina, UK, and will be happy to cooperate with you and start successful business relationship .
Our company have : ISO 22000 , FDA registration in USA, will have also Kosher Certificate to have the best standards of Quality, you can find below some photo of our products,
You can visit our website : www. landspices. com
If you have any inquiry don't hesitate to send to us, and you will find the best quality and competitive prices,
You can find all forms from our products " Leaves, Powder, Crushed "

Компания образована в 2010 году, численность 50 чел.
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