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Сельское хозяйство, компании в Александрии

Sumskaya Svetlana, LLC
0.4 29 авг 2022

With more than ten years experience in exporting top quality agricultural products. H&W Trading Co. Provides food safety for you and for future generations. We follow all local and international standards and regulations to quarantee food safety.

Alsaajida export, LLC
0.0 15 авг 2020

We are co, Al-saajida Export in Alexandria ., Egypt export in the finest agriculture crops to all parts of the world .

0.0 16 июн 2021

Mudga company is considered one of the leading exporting companies in egypt and middle east , we worked in this business since 2010 . Being in the center of the world , is strategic position for international trading which help us to be in direct connection with all continents and countries.

В радиусе 590 км от Александрии
0.0 26 мая 2017

Изображение alrabie травы Co. For Import & Export Из Египта. Мы продаем и экспорт всех видов трав, таких как: Гербы и цветов: Ромашка (цветы / порошок / стебли / Промышленность / Туберкулез (чайный пакетик) / Семена) Медицинская календула (цветы / лепестки / туберкулез (чайный пакетик) Гибискус...

0.0 15 мар 2023

Import and export company Medg Trading Company We are pleased to advise you that we are a privately owned Egyptian company A company accredited by the National Services Authority of the Armed Forces that deals in grains,

Zaad farms, LLC
0.0 25 ноя 2021

We are Zaad Company for Agricultural Production and Export. With over 25 years of experience in growing, packing, and exporting the finest 100% natural fruits and vegetables using modern advanced technologies and quickly reaching global quality standards. We own a unique set of agricultural...

0.0 4 фев 2022

Производство, импорт, экспорт фруктов и овощей, техника, напитки

-1.0 2 мар 2020

El Saied for Trading and Distribution is one of the largest companies located in the Egyptian market since 1991, Working in the field of fertilizers, and chemicals.

-1.0 7 мар 2007

Производство и экспорт египетского риса. Также экспорт картофеля, апельсинов, лука и оливок.

National Ukraine Company, LLC
-1.0 19 мар 2017

NUCIT in Ukraine , NECIT in Egypt , NBCIT in brazil and NDCIT in Emirates is our group investors companies expertize in export Agriculture, Mineral wealth from each countries and World Wild We promise best resnoble price and the best quality of your specifications deliver is in 10 days for bulk...

Аlmnar, LLC
-1.0 19 дек 2011

Мы египетская компания по экспорту и импорту сельскохозяйственных культур сельского хозяйства. Нам нужно импортировать большое количество грубых отрубей пшеницы. Ищите компании, которые предоставляют большое количество грубых отрубей и других продуктов кормов, таких как кукуруза и ячмень, в...

0.0 4 дек 2020

Export from Egypt. Our experience from 2013. Food, seedlings, fruits, juices.

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