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corn в Египте

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High Protein Animal Feed Corn DDGS
245 $/т CIF
Старартмастер, ООО, UA
We, «Starartmaster» LLC, as the seller, with full corporate responsibility, confirm that we are ready and able to Sell the following product on...
Yellow corn from Ukraine
Оптовая цена
170 - 180 $/т FOB
ЮК-Трейд, ООО, UA +2 объявления
Yellow corn animal feed and 2 grade Corn for animal feed 170-180$ Payment:Т/Т 20/80, 30/70; LC +$ Price on request . Price depends on volume. SGS...
207 $/т FOB
ЮК-Трейд, ООО, UA +2 объявления
Barley corn animal feed From 207$ FOB Payment:Т/Т 20/80, 30/70; LC +$ Price on request . Price depends on volume. SGS sertification Please sent...
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Arion Company, ТОО, KZ
Product: Corn Original: Russia Humidity: Max 14% Protein: Min 8 %. Mass fraction: 60 Kr B 1 r/Ji. Fats: Min 3,5% Cellulose: Max 2,7% Ash: Max...
Yellow Corn CIF ports of Egypt
Оптовая цена
до 205 $/т CIF
Русская Торговая Организация, ООО, RU
Russian state cgrain company Russian Trade Organization (RTO) offers yellow corn in bulk on CIF port Alexandria, Egypt by the following...
Corn for animal feed, protein 8 %
Оптовая цена
до 256 $/т CIF
Specification: Seed Moisture 14.0% Test Weight 67 KG/HLMin Broken Corn & Foreign Material 4% Max Damaged Kernels – Heat Damage Aflatoxin (B1,...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Corn Oil
Оптовая цена
900 - 920 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +1 объявление
Corn oil is used in food industry - for domestic use and for food products which are producing by enterprises. Packaged in PET bottles or in bulk....
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Кловер Груп, ООО, UA
We sell cereal crops: wheat, corn, barley, millet, wheat, soybeans (soy), sunflower. There is also flour, oil, and other agricultural...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Yellow Corn
Оптовая цена
170 - 180 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +1 объявление
Corn has a high biological and nutritional value what makes it an indispensable food item. Our company suggests you food corn 1st, 2nd & 3th...
Sunflower oil and Corn oil
740 $/т FOB
ЮК-Трейд, ООО, UA +2 объявления
Sunflower oil from 1000 mt FOB Refined : flexitank 740-760$ bottle 760-800$ Crude: flexitank 690$ Corn oil from 1000 mt: Refined : flexitank 680$...
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Marculeshti-Combi, Corporație, MD
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By...
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