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Fresh Strawberry
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Добавлено: 25 ноября 2021, 22:13

Fresh Strawberry

10 $/штука
Nassar Eslam Zaad farms
sales manager
,  Гиза, EG
на Флагма с 25 ноября 2021


Order the most delicate strawberries, completely pure. They are grown according to all international quality standards.
We have more than 25 years of experience in growing and packing the finest 100% natural fruits and vegetables.
Quality: Premium
Varieties: •Sun Session -Festival - Florida- Fortuna
• َQuality and Inspection Certificated
• High percentage of marketable fruit
• Excellent shelf life
• Uniformly well-shaped and firm
• Highly productive
• Excellent flavor
• Fast delivery
Country of origin: Egypt
•From 15 November to 1 May
•Suitable for cooling and long-distances
•2.50 KGs carton, each one has10 punnets.

Номер объявления: 1747572
,  Гиза, EG
на Флагма с 25 ноября 2021
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Nassar Eslam Zaad farms
sales manager
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