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Cattle в Александрии

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Healthy Live Dairy Cows/ Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow
30 фунт.eg/шт DAP
Key Specifications/ Special Features: Buy HOLSTEIN HEIFERS /Healthy Live Dairy Cows, Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow Online Key Specifications/ Special Features: We one of largest Farmerst in LIVESTOCK, Food & live animals. We mainly Trade/Supplywithin Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America,...
27 мар
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Compound feed. Premixes
260 €/т
JSC "Lidakhleboprodukt" is the largest manufacturer of flour products in the Republic of Belarus. We sell feed products for poultry, for cattle, for rabbits, for pigs. We produce "addressed" feed for cattle (they are individual and are calculated according to the available feed on the farm).
13 фев 2023
Fodder Yeast (After-alcohol) 40% protein
300 $/т
After-alcohol Fodder Yeast - Is an effective, environmentally friendly feed additive, consisting mainly of protein, which is using for feeding the livestock and poultry. Fodder yeast is the most valuable protein additive that allows you to achieve excellent results in the fattening of cattle,
19 авг 2022
Compound Feed for Broiler - Best Mix
Compound Feed for Broiler - Best Mix - фото 1
Compound Feed for Broiler - Best Mix - фото 2
+2 фото
Compound Feed for Broiler - Best Mix - фото 3
450 $/т FOB  
опт 300 - 400 $/т
Compound feed is a profitable option for both: private farming and corporate livestock farms. Using of compound feeds simplify maintenance and reduce costs because vitamin-mineral and medicinal supplements are included. Generally, the secret lies in the correctly selected formulation, which
14 фев 2020
Цена по запросу
The company MarculeshtiCombi at present time we are able to offer to you the following goods: 1. Corn DDGS Origin – Moldova Type of shipment - By truck Packing – Bags 35 Kg Price on conditions FCA – 170 EUR/MT 2. Crude Soybean Oil Origin – Moldova Type - Crude, non degummed Type of shipment - By
28 мар 2019
Beef, Cow, Veal / Halal
Beef, Cow, Veal / Halal - фото 1
Beef, Cow, Veal / Halal - фото 2
+1 фото
Beef, Cow, Veal / Halal - фото 3
2.60 $/кг FCA  
опт 2.60 - 3.70 $/кг
We are slaughterhouse located in Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine. And we are glad to offer the beef of Ukrainian cattle for export to Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and CIS countries. Terms of delivery in accordance with buyer’s request. Packing of boneless beef - in cardboard boxes weighing 18-20
7 окт 2018
Greenfield Incorporation sells Alfalfa
Оптовая цена
185 - 190 $/т
Alfalfa is very palatable forage for dairy cattle and a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium and potassium. It also tends to be higher in energy than many other forages. Suncured alfalfa pellets are produced from alfalfa hay, which has been ground and pelleted. The meal is produced by
6 июн 2018
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