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fodder yeast в Александрии

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High Protein Animal Feed Corn DDGS
245 $/т CIF
We, «Starartmaster» LLC, as the seller, with full corporate responsibility, confirm that we are ready and able to Sell the following product on the sell of the terms and conditions: 1. Neme of the goods 1.1. High Protein Animal Feed Corn ddgs 2. The origin of the goods 2.1. Ukraine 3. The
25 сен 2019
I will sell fodder corn, fodder barley for 5000 t
Оптовая цена
от 1 фунт.eg/т FOB
I will sell fodder corn, fodder barley for 5000 tons on the terms of FOB Izmail, Reni. Quality, price on request. Best regards Vladimir
14 июл 2023
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Fodder Yeast (After-alcohol) 40% protein
300 $/т
After-alcohol Fodder Yeast - Is an effective, environmentally friendly feed additive, consisting mainly of protein, which is using for feeding the livestock and poultry. Fodder yeast is the most valuable protein additive that allows you to achieve excellent results in the fattening of cattle,
19 авг 2022
Aerodynamic grain separator
20 фунт.eg/шт  
опт 1 - 10 фунт.eg/шт
The company-manufacturer offers the Aerodynamic grain separator. Separator makes cleaning and calibration of cereals, legumes, vegetables, melons, fodder crops, as well as all kinds of loose mixtures. Primary cleaning is designed to remove dust and partially remove non-grain waste, which allows
13 июл 2019
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