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lignin в Александрии

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Lignin briquettes - ecological fuel
200 €/т
I sell lignin briquettes of Belarusian origin. Minimum order is 21 tons (1 car). EU invoice. Lignin briquettes are a natural heating material (from wood production residues). Lignin briquettes are a better heating material than peat and are competitive with coal. Lignin, together with cellulose, is
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12 фев
Lignin pellets - black pellets
Lignin pellets - black pellets - фото 1
Lignin pellets - black pellets - фото 2
+1 фото
Lignin pellets - black pellets - фото 3
365 €/т
Wholesale of lignin pellets (so-called black pellets). Packed in 1-tonne big-bags. A natural fuel product based on biomass from wood processing residues. It is a better fuel than peat and is competitive with coal. Lignin, along with cellulose, is the main component of wood. Calorific value
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12 фев
GoldenEffect (EC fertilizers)
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• Induces tillering. • Has a positive effect on grain filling. • Increases the effectiveness of the herbicides which are used together with it. • Due to its natural minerals, it accelerates lignin formation so it provides resistance againts tilt. .يحفز على زيادة براعم النبتة - .له تأثير إيجابي على
20 окт 2020
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