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Frozen chicken carcass в Гизе

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We sell packaged, frozen chicken carcass for export.
We sell packaged, frozen chicken carcass for export. - фото 1
We sell packaged, frozen chicken carcass for export. - фото 2
+1 фото
We sell packaged, frozen chicken carcass for export. - фото 3
Оптовая цена
1 000 - 900 $/т FCA
Our company sells packaged in individual packaging, frozen chicken carcasses, carcass weight from 0.9 kg to 1.20 kg. The price is in stock manufacturer / seller (FCA). If necessary, a HALAL certificate is provided.
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10 апр 2019
We offer the frozen chicken carcasses on an export.
Оптовая цена
720 - 690 $/т
Our enterprise offers the frozen carcass of hen on an export. Libra of carcass (1,0 -1,2 kg). In one box there are 10 kg Price is indicated on storage (FCA). The certificate of HALAL is given if necessary.
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10 апр 2019
We sell frozen chicken wing for export.
Оптовая цена
1 150 - 1 100 $/т FCA
Our company sells frozen chicken wings for export. In one gofroyashchik is 15 kg. The weight of one wing is 65-75 gr. The price is indicated on the warehouse of the seller-manufacturer (FCA). If necessary, a certificate of HALAL.
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10 апр 2019
Broiler chicken carcass
Broiler chicken carcass - фото 1
Broiler chicken carcass - фото 2
+2 фото
Broiler chicken carcass - фото 3
1 700 $/т
We sell chicken products in bulk! We invite you to cooperate! We will quickly organize uninterrupted deliveries to your company! New meat processing plants with good capacities! Fast speed of interaction with the customer! Our company will provide you with a personal manager! All our products
12 июн
Half-carcass beef frozen (cow bull )
2.40 $/кг
Ladies and gentlemen! Our company specializes in the export of products Halal meat of poultry, beef and products of their processing (by-products, stews). We offer the following types of products: Half-carcass beef frozen (cow), price 2.40 USD / kg Half-carcass beef frozen (bull), price 2.80 USD /
26 окт 2019
Chicken meat Freshly frozen chicken meat chicken LLC Mitlife
Оптовая цена
1 - 3 $/кг FCA
LLC "Mitlife", торгово-производственная компания. Наша главная цель: плодотворное сотрудничество с покупателем с наиболее взаимовыгодной ценой для всех. Замороженное куриное мясо: Куриное мясо Окорок куриный Тушка Филе Крыло Голень Передняя часть тушки Лапи
23 мар 2023
Frozen whole carcasses hens
Цена по запросу
Net weight 10,00 kg, packing in a carton box. Quantity of packages of one carton box – 7-10 pieces. Expiry date: not more than 12 months from the production date. Transport and storage temperature -18°C. We post the goods on conditions FCA-Kharkov.
11 янв 2022
We sell frozen hamburger patties for export.
2 850 $/т FCA
Our company produces and sells frozen hamburger patties, beef and chicken. Products are made from 100% natural raw meat, without the use of MMOs. If necessary, a certificate of HALAL. d = 125 mm weight = 125 gr. Type of preparation: fry frozen cutlets on both sides until golden brown.
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10 апр 2019
Buffalo Meat (Halal), Sheep Tail Fat
Buffalo Meat (Halal), Sheep Tail Fat - фото 1
Buffalo Meat (Halal), Sheep Tail Fat - фото 2
+6 фото
Buffalo Meat (Halal), Sheep Tail Fat - фото 3
3.50 $/кг CIF
We offer: 1. Frozen Halal Sheep Tail Fat - $3.5/kg (CIF), 2. Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat (without bone) - $3.2-5.0/kg (CIF), 3. Frozen Halal Buffalo Meat (carcass) - $3.5/kg (CIF). Minimum order quantity (MOQ) – 40' container (28,500 kg). Meat in boxes of 20 kg. Delivery term: CIF ASWP (any secure
16 июн
Turkey turkey meat
Оптовая цена
2.66 - 2.70 $/кг
Export of frozen and chilled turkey and turkey carcasses. Highest quality, all products are certified, the full package of documents. Export from Ukraine to any country in the world. ‎ Olena
4 дек 2018
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