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Sunflower oil in stock
2.50 €/шт
Coca cola , fanta, Pepsi, red bull energy drink, sunflower oil, corn oil, olive oil, soybean oil, canola oil, for more information contact us on WhatsApp:
16 мая
Sunflower oil
Оптовая цена
от 1 480 $/т CIF
*Sunflower oil* (refined, deodorized),*soybean oil, rapeseed oil*. Packing 1,2,3 and 5 liters. Flexi tanks (1 ton) Flexi containers (22 tons) * Shipment to any port of the EU countries, Asia Africa * Price USD 1490. *We work with agents*. WhatsApp, Telegram
9 ноя 2022
Raw Sunflower Seeds
41 $/шт  
опт от 40 $/шт
Hi and welcome. Raw Sunflower Seeds for wholesale. Please contact us via Whatsapp or is Negotiable.
27 сен 2022
Sunflower oil
1.62 $/л FCA
Sunflower oil, refined, deodorized, frozen, of the highest grade. It is possible to fill in different containers, or in bulk. It is possible to send a sample at the buyer's expense. The price is reported after the specified conditions (place of delivery, volume, etc.)
4 авг 2021
Sunflower oil
1 фунт.eg/шт
The company offers the following products: Refined and unrefined sunflower oil. Origin: Ukraine Refined oil: 1 and 5 l bottles. Quantity-75 pieces, 40’ containers per month. Price: 1 liter - 1.18€ FOB Odessa Non-refined oil: bulk, flexitank. Quantity: 3000 tons per month. Price: 1085€ FOB
28 апр 2021
1 140 $/т FOB
Продам подсолнечное нерафинированное, рафинированное масло от производителя. Наливом ЖД цистерны, в автоцистернах, флекситанках или фасованное в 1л.,3л.,5л. Selling unrefined sunflower oil from the manufacturer. Bulk railway tank, in tank trucks, flexitanks or packed in 1l., 3l., 5l.
7 апр 2021
Bottled sunflower oil
850 $/т
LLC "Exporttrans Group" is ready to offer your needs a systematic supply of bottled sunflower oil from the best producers in Ukraine. All products shipped by our company comply with international sanitary and epidemiological standards and have all the necessary certificates for export. If you are
19 янв 2021
Sunflower oil
Оптовая цена
от 1 130 $/т
Selling 240 tons of sunflower oil, unrefined, 1 grade, price 1130 $ / t FAC, Odessa Продам 240 тонн масла подсолнечного, нерафинированного, 1 сорт, цена 1130 $/t FAC, Одесса
11 дек 2020
Sunflower oil and Corn oil
740 $/т FOB
Sunflower oil from 1000 mt FOB Refined : flexitank 740-760$ bottle 760-800$ Crude: flexitank 690$ Corn oil from 1000 mt: Refined : flexitank 680$ bottle 690$ Crude: flexitank 630$ bottle 640$ Price on request . Price depends on volume. SGS sertification Please sent your LOI.
23 мар 2019
Greenfield Incorporation sells Sunflower Seed Oil
Оптовая цена
850 - 870 $/т
Sunflower oil is used for directly human consumption, food production and industrial processing. We can supply you the best crude and refined sunflower seed oil of the highest grade. Sunflower oil packed in PET - bottles 1L, 3L, 5L, in bulk.
6 июн 2018
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