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Сухое молоко, сухие сливки в Каире

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Milk Shake Premialle
0.50 $/tetra pack EXW  
опт 0.42 - 0.50 $/tetra pack
Premialle Milk Shake is delicious classics dairy cocktail, made from natural selected milk. Unique product that has very simple way to prepare: 1. Open a package with the milk mixture; 2. Mix up the cocktail for about 2 minutes; 3. And enjoy sweet pleasant creamy vanilla flavor. Important notes:
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27 мая 2021
Greenfield Incorporation sells Milk Powder
Оптовая цена
1 200 - 1 300 $/т
Powdered milk is popular dairy product. Modern technologies used for the production for full cream milk powder or skim milk powder, permitted preserving all the valuable properties of the natural product. The production process and production capacity are undergoing constant strict control. We
+11 объявлений
6 июн 2018
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