Сельское хозяйство в Египте, стр. 4

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Greenfield Incorporation sells Yellow Corn
Оптовая цена
170 - 180 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +11 объявлений
Corn has a high biological and nutritional value what makes it an indispensable food item. Our company suggests you food corn 1st, 2nd & 3th...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Chickpea
Оптовая цена
1 000 - 1 050 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +11 объявлений
Chickpeas seeds are used in the food industry and for feed purposes. Chickpea is a very popular food in the kitchen of many nations. High quality...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Soybean
Оптовая цена
300 - 320 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +11 объявлений
We can supply you food soya beans which are concentrated all the most valuable properties of the plant world. Soybeans are grown on special order...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Soybean Meal
Оптовая цена
270 - 280 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +11 объявлений
Soybean meal is a kind of high-protein meal. It is obtained during the production of oil from soybean seeds. Soybean meal is the basis for various...
Greenfield Incorporation sells Alfalfa
Оптовая цена
185 - 190 $/т
Greenfield Incorporation, Koop, TR +11 объявлений
Alfalfa is very palatable forage for dairy cattle and a good source of protein, vitamins, calcium and potassium. It also tends to be higher in...
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Кловер Груп, ООО, UA +1 объявление
We sell cereal crops: wheat, corn, barley, millet, wheat, soybeans (soy), sunflower. There is also flour, oil, and other agricultural...
Оптовая цена
390 - 410 $/т CIF
Рада, ООО, UA
Soyben production Ukraine, Minimum Test wei ht 54.00 Pounds er bushell Crude rotein 34% Min Moisture 13.00% Max Damaged Beans (Total) 3.00%...
المبيدات الحشرية ومبيدات الفطريات ومبيدات الأعشاب ومبيدات ال
Цена по запросу
Gujral international dmcc, FZE, AE
مشهورة في دبي ، الإمارات العربية المتحدة ، فضلاً عن كونها مصدرًا لمجموعة واسعة من المنتجات الكيماوية الزراعية والأسمدة الطبية والوصفات الطبية....
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